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Artiste Catalogue S :: Scottish Accordion Kings
Scottish Accordion Kings
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aai The Piano Accordion originated in the early 19th century evolving from the full sized harmonium. It found its place in Scottish music lending itself to playing alongside the fiddle in traditional music and in dance bands and has remained so with the exposure and popularity gained by renowned players such as the late Jimmy Shand, Will Starr and Bobby MacLeod to mention a few.

This, the first volume in a collection of Scottish Accordion Kings showcases ten of today’s traditional and contemporary players from different areas of Scotland playing in their own unique styles.

Tom Alexander - Glasgow

Stuart Anderson - Aberdeenshire

Robert Black - Perthshire

John Carmichael - Glasgow

Ray Carse - Armadale

Phil Cunningham – Edinburgh

Tommy Ford - Stirlingshire

Addie Harper Jnr - Caithness

Simon Howie - Perthshire

Gordon Pattullo - Perthshire

  1. The Laird & The Mason
( The Laird O' Drumblair - (J Scott Skinner), The Mason's Apron - (Trad Arr G Pattullo)/Andoc Songs )
  2. The Flying Scotsman (Medley) - (Trad Hamilton)/Greyfriars Music Co Ltd
  3. Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie - (Trad Arr Stevenson)/Garron Music Cock O' The North - (Trad Arr Anderson)/Garron Music
  4. Jacksons' No 2 - (Trad Cunningham)/Bracken Music Services
( Jean's Reel - (Trad Cunningham)CC, The Moving Cloud - (Maguire)/Andoc Songs )
  5. French Canadian Medley
( Juliette - (Trad Arr Garden)/Garron Music, Old Man And Woman - (Trad Arr Garden)/Garron Music )
  6. Blackthorn Stick - (Trad Arr R Black)/Garron Music
( Laird Of Dunblair - (Trad Arr R Black)/Garron Music, Sean McGurie - (Bert Murray) )
  7. Highland Cathedral -(Roever/Korb)/MCA Music GMBH/Universal Music Publisher Ltd
  8. The River Cree
( Jackson's Bottle Of Claret - (Jackson) Christie MacLeod - (J Johnstone) Malcolm Ross - (Lindsay Ross)/ Donald Iain Rankine - (A Rankine) )
  9. The Teddy Bears Picnic - (Bratton)/B Feldman & Sons. Edinburgh Mixture
( Lord Lovat's Lament -(Trad), Back Pedalling Mudguard -(Ainsworth)/Alyn Ainsworth, The Brig O' Blair(Bell)/Deeay Music )
  10. The Dark Island - (MacLachlan)/Westminster Music Ltd
  11. Shetland Reels
( Da Tusker - (Ronald Cooper), Willafjord - (Trad Arr Garden)/Garron Music, Sandyford Reel - (T Alexander)/Greyfriars Music )
  12. The Four String Polka -(Townsend)/Graham Townsend Publishing
  13. Margaret MacKinnon Of Digg
  14. he Boys Of Bluehill - (Trad Arr R Black)/Garron Music
  15. Miss S J Marshall - (Jim Johnstone)/George Jeffrey Ltd
  16. The Drunken Parson - (Trad Arr R Black)/Garron Music
  17. Jim Moores' Fancy - (Trad Arr R Black)/Garron Music
  18. Archie Menzies - (Trad Arr A Harper)/Garron Music
( Sally Garden - (Trad Arr A Harper)/Garron Music Duncan Jamieson Of Carluke - (A Harper )/Harper Music, Maggie's Reel - (T Anderson) )
  19. Shufflin' Sammy - (Felix Burns)
  20. Irish Jigs:
( - Rory O' More - (Trad), Connaught Man's Rambles - (Trad), Father O' Flynn - (Trad), Lannagan's Ball - (Trad) )
There are 20 tracks in total
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