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clyde valley stompers
Flower Of Scotland
Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

What is the Search facility?
aaiIn order to help you find a particular product quickly we have created an electronic catalogue (database) which customers can search whilst visiting the website. You can then order the product online or contact us directly if you prefer.

How do I make a Search for a product?
aaiA search is very simple and based on key words or phrases which relate to a particular product such as the title e.g. A Scottish Story, the artistes name e.g. Tommy Scott or the product code if you have it e.g. CDITV731. Type one of these into the field under the search button (on the top left of every page). Please see the visual below.

seach example

aaiPlease note that a search may produce several results. For example, we have several products called Highland Cathedral. You can narrow this down by including additional details like the artistes name if you are aware of this. Be sure to separate each word with a space.

If I use the search do I have to buy the item online?
aaiAbsolutely not. We have spent a great deal of time creating the simplest, safest and most user friendly online ordering system but if you prefer to hear a friendly Scottish voice on the phone you can call us directly during normal office hours.


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