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How To Order Music And DVD Titles
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You can purchase easily and with confidence from Scotdisc and to provide you with as much choice as possible, we have developed several ways to order. Don't forget that if you prefer to hear a friendly voice at the end of the telephone, you can always call us directly.


Find the title you want or just browse the catalogue.
aaJump straight to our 'Latest Release' section to see what's new or go to the 'Artiste A to Z ' page for full details of our available products listed alphabetically by artiste. Alternatively you can search for an artiste or product title using the search menu on the top left of every page.

aaOnce you have found a title (in the Artiste Catalogue) the page will provide you with detailed information such as featured artistes, track list, theme etc. We are updating the details all the time as we get them and so some products may have more information than others.

aaIf you are buying for a friend or relative, you may find the 'Best Sellers' link helpful. 'Recommended' on the other hand features an introduction to outstanding titles that you may not have come across before.

Ordering methods
aaThere are 3 alternative methods available including an online shopping basket (eCommerce). For help with choosing which method is most appropriate to yourself, please browse the notes below.

- You may phone or write to us with the details presented on our 'Contact' page. You can also email an order to us through our 'Feedback Form' even if you do not have a personal email account yourself. Make sure that you include the title and catalogue number of the item(s) you wish to buy and your own address and phone number so that we can get in touch.

Order Form
- You may print out a simple and secure order form which can be either faxed back or posted to us. We will process this during office hours as soon as it is received. Please select the 'Order Form' button to find out more about this facility.


- For the ultimate convenience you may order online 24/7 using a secure ecommerce store service provided by PayPal. This can be accessed on individual product pages simply by clicking on the 'Add To Basket' icon attached to each format (CD, DVD etc).

For more information about our commitment to secure online trading please visit 'Customer Support'.

Product pricing
aaiPlease note that this information is provided as a guide only and may be subject to change at short notice. Always check the price shown along side the individual products for confirmation.

Scotdisc Label Pricing- Scotdisc own label product is priced between just £3.99 for a Compact Disc Single and £15.99 for the latest DVD. The range includes a budget line which may be as low as £9.99 for DVD Video and £7.99 for a Compact Disc album.

Scotty's Label Individual Pricing - Please note that products under the 'Scotty's' distribution label can vary in price as they are set by the individual manufacturer. The prices are clearly marked under each format icon. For more information about the Scotty's label please go HERE.

Postage Costs
aaiPostage and packaging are FREE worldwide, a great benefit over many online shops who may add postage to your shopping basket at checkout. For bulk (over 20 products) or trade orders, please contact Scotdisc directly if you wish to discuss special postage arrangements.

Product formats and symbols
aaiScotdisc titles come in a range of formats dependant on their content. These include Audio Cassette Tape, Audio Compact Disc, VHS Video Tape (PAL or NTSC), DVD (Digital Versatile Disc in PAL or NTSC) and Multimedia Compact Disc for home computers. Some product titles may come in several different formats, for example both an Audio Cassette and Audio Compact Disc. There are also new 'Double Packs' containing a DVD video and Audio Compact Disc in one pack. These are often marked by symbols as follows;

VHS Video Tape. This can be either PAL or NTSC format normally described on the individual product. For additional information on PAL and NTSC formats please click here.
Audio Compact Disc. This is the popular modern format for high quality digital music. It is a universal standard across the world and will play on a Compact Disc Player or a multimedia computer with sound card and speakers.
Audio Cassette Tape. This is the original compact and mobile music format which is still widely available across the world through home and car stereo systems and 'Walkmans'.
Digital Versatile Disc. Commonly known as DVD Video, this is a new format which combines the benefits of audio compact disc (CD) technology, video and interactive features. Quality of sound and vision is excellent and the discs have greater durability than tape.
Multimedia CD Rom. This is a format designed for personal computers which combines music, video and interactive features to create a rich experience. Although DVD handles video better, a multimedia disc is widely accepted across the globe. Scotdisc multimedia discs are intended for Intel PC and Apple Computer systems when stated on the product.
Double Disc. Our own special pack containing both a DVD Video disc and a Music Compact Disc at a budget price.

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