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Customer Support :: Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of questions about our products and services which crop up regularly, and we have put these into this section of the website for your support. This may be particularly helpful out of hours. Please take a moment to read this page and our web site 'Help' page before calling us with product or technical queries.


What type of music do you cover?
InWe specialise in Scottish Traditional music because that is our passion and area of expertise. This includes Folk Ballads, Easy Listening and Scottish Military music. For some background information and an introduction to the music try the 'Musical Roots' link or have look at the Artiste A to Z page in order to browe our titles.

What makes you different from other suppliers?
InWe were born and raised on Scottish music and work very closely with the artistes to ensure the best possible quality of production. Scotdisc is our own label featuring a unique range of titles produced in Scotland and sold across the world. You will find our CD's and DVD videos in high street stores such as HMV and Virgin.

InThe Scotty's label extends this range to include additional music and DVD video titles from across Scotland that we think you will enjoy. We also partner Scottish organisations such as the International Piping Centre in Glasgow who worked with us on our comprehensive multimedia title 'The Great Highland Bagpipe'.

What else do you do?

InIn addition to recording musical titles onto CD and Cassette, we also produce a large number of video recordings of live concerts or staged events. We also produce range of high quality music DVD videos which highlight Scotland featuring outstanding scenery, famous castles, lochs and other cultural landmarks.


How do I find a particular recording or artiste?
InWe have so many titles that we felt the best way to organise them was in alphabetical order based on the first letter of the band title or surname in the case of an artiste. You can access these through the the Artiste A to Z page or through our web site Search facility.

If you are still struggling to find what you are looking for you can send us a message through our Feedback Page and we will email you back with details, or give us a ring during office hours.


How do I order?
InThere are several methods of ordering products on this website designed to suit everyone from a computer whiz to a complete novice. You will find details under the 'How To Order' button above.


What is the 'Online Store' function on the web site?
InThe online Store allows us to offer a selection of our most popular product lines 24/7 through a secure eCommerce solution provided by PayPal, the highly respected online bank. On each individual product page you will see a section called 'Order Options' and an icon called 'Add to Basket Click Here'. Once you click this icon, a shopping 'session' will begin and the item in question will be added to your shopping basket. You can then continue browsing the website or go to the 'Check Out' button in order to pay. The order will be processed the following morning and we will confirm to you by email that it has been received.

InPlease note that if you quit your web browser or close down your computer without completing your order through the checkout process, the shopping basket session will end and your items will be deleted.

What can you tell me about PayPal?
aaiPayPal are owned by the same company as eBay, one of the world's most popular websites. PayPal provide the security and ecommerce for literally hundreds of thousands of online auction transactions. In terms of this web site they offer the same financial facilities and security as eBay customers enjoy without having to become a member or pay high surcharges which is the case with almost all other online banks. You can find out more about PayPal on their website here.

I live in another country. Is that a problem if I wish to buy something?
InNot at all. Many of our customers live across the world from Japan and Australia in the South East to Canada and America in the West. The online store facility provides 24 hour ordering for a range of our most popular products or during office hours you can ring us directly. We have a great deal of experience with export sales and so delivery will not be a problem. We prefer Sterling in terms of payment, although arrangements can be made to order in another currency. Please contact us directly.

What about security on the Internet?
InWe take this very seriously and for this reason we have employed professionals to build and host this web site. You can find more details of our security commitment including the eCommerce facility PayPal under Customer Support in the top menu navigation. If you are still concerned about providing personal details online you can order through more traditional methods. Please contact us directly

Do you have any trading terms and conditions?
InWe are a professional organisation with standards. You will find our terms and conditions under Customer Support in the top menu bar.


I cannot get some of your links to work. What gives?
InThe site is built to web standards and should work well unless you are running an old browser (pre 2000) or a computer with heavy security features enabled (no javascript, pop-up blockers, multimedia disabled etc).

InSome functions such as our ecommerce shopping basket or launching music and video clips, utilise Javascript. This may be disabled by your own personal computer and/or browser set-up and is often evidenced by links or buttons that do not work. Please go here for a visual walk through of (how to check/restart) Javascript if you think that it may not be working.

Your site runs slow and some images aren't loading. Why is this?
InThe site has been optimised for computers and operating systems up to six years old which we believe is reasonable.

InIf you are on a 56k modem, a dial up connection and running a six year old PC with MS Windows 95 and Internet Explorer 4 as a browser, you may have problems. We regret this although we feel that we must set visual standards and features at a level which will apply to the majority of our visitors. Re-booting your computer and closing other programmes whilst you browse the Internet will improve performance.

InIt will certainly help if you optimise your computer with a reputable utility such as Norton or SI Softwares, Sandra. You can also visit your operating system provider online for the latest system improvements. Often these are free to download from Microsoft and Apple Macintosh. You should also ensure that your graphics/sound drivers are up to date, particularly if you have added third party cards such as a Sound Blaster.

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