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You will find general questions about Scotdisc in our website FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. The following information is provided as online technical support for customers. This information is presented in good faith and any actions or advice are undertaken at your own risk.

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Technical support for this website
The Scotdisc website has been designed to work with a wide range of computers and web browsers. If you are experiencing an issue with graphics, music or interactive content, look for a 'Quick Link' on the left which may help pinpoint your issue.

E-Commerce Store & Ordering
InThese features have their own help sections on the website. For information on our ecommerce system, please visit the 'Security' page. For help with alternate ordering methods, please visit the 'How To Order' section.

General Navigation and Link Buttons
InNavigation buttons are provided in the top menu bar and throughout the website in the left and right panels of the pages to help you move around easily. You will also find additional 'shortcut' links in the page text itself which look like this. If a link does not work or the page is slow to load, there are a couple of possible things to look at.

InIf you have 'Pop Up Blocker' software or extended 'Security' features enabled in your web browser, these may disable some of our page links and functions such as launching video or music samples
. Javascript is used for extended functions of the website such as forms and eCommerce and this can be turned 'Off' in your browser by some security applications. Please see the Javascript information below if you suspect this may be the case.

InOur pages are relatively small but PC's can become a little slow with extended Internet use. Consider rebooting (turn off and on) your computer which should clear the memory and resolve general PC upsets.

The website utilises the latest software to compress graphics to a very small size. Essentially this means that a standard 56K modem should be able to view the website without too much delay. Basic elements like the navigation bar are held on your own computer (in the cache memory) so that they only have to be downloaded once. These are removed once you quit your Internet browser. Some images are pre-loaded in the background (whilst you look at other information) so that new pages are accessible quickly.

Music & Video playback within the website
InThere are several formats of music and video presently attempting to establish themselves as the Internet standard. Scotdisc have attempted to keep this as simple as possible by utilising a standard Microsoft Windows (wmv) format and a standard Apple Macintosh (mov) format for our video files. In terms of music we use MP3 files which should play easily on both platforms.

InYour Internet browser should recognise these files automatically and begin to play them. NOTE: It is NORMAL for this to take a little time whilst the file begins to download. This is dependant on your own PC and the speed of your Internet connection. If you have problems playing these files, you will find simple additional help on the website 'HERE'.

Please do not confuse website video clips with the full music and video products that we sell. These are produced in standard music compact disc (CD), DVD and Video tape formats for use in your normal domestic equipment. Video tape is generally available in both NTSC and PAL formats.

Browser Compatibility
The html and Javascript language used in this site is compatible with browsers from version four upwards - anything installed after the year 1999 should be O.K. Internet Explorer (Microsoft) and Safari (Apple) browsers have been tested for site compatibility.

Computer Compatibility
Any PC running Windows 98 or above should be O.K. Any Apple Macintosh from system 7.5 will be fine.

Screen Resolution
Screen resolution is simply the number of pixels on your screen referred to in the aspect ratio of 4:3, the rectangular shape of your monitor. Older computers ran at 640 x 480 or later 800 x 600 as graphic cards improved. Why does this matter? Well, if everything on your monitor looks very big and is falling off the right hand side and bottom of the screen, then your resolution is probably set too low.

This website has been built to accomodate the most commen monitor size (17") and comfortable setting for a normally sighted person which is 1024 pixels x 768 pixels. Most computers built in the last five years will have a graphics card which is capable of viewing this screen resolution.

You can set the resolution quite easily. On Windows, right click the desktop, select 'Properties' from the tab bar and towards the bottom right you will see a slider bar for the screen resolution. Once you have adjusted this click the 'Apply' button at the bottom of the window. On a Mac, go to the top bar and select 'Apple/Control Panels/Monitors'. Choose the resolution you want, close the window and confirm that you wish to 'Save' the setting.

Javascript and Java Applets
Javascript is a language which we use to extend the features of our web pages and Java Applets provide additional functions such as the 'Day/Date' at the top of the window. Java is built into your browser but may be turned off (often to prevent pop-up windows and banners). If you receive a Java error message or link buttons do not work, you can check whether Java is ON quite easily. Click a link below if you need help with this.


Flash and Shockwave
These are software technologies used to present extended multimedia content and functionality such as animated panels or links. The required software is installed on 95% of the world's computers. If you want to check whether you have the software installed or would like the free download, you can visit the download centre at Adobe.com.

Adobe Acrobat and eDocuments
Acrobat is software which provides pages for the screen that are much more like printed documents.... and at a reduced file size that is ideal for the Internet. You will find Acrobat documents within the pages of this website..

The 'Reader' software has been pre-installed on the vast majority of computers for the last five years. However, if you would like to find out more or download the latest version (free), please click HERE.

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