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Flower Of Scotland
clyde valley stompers
Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

The Scotdisc website is designed to introduce you to our products and services whilst highlighting the rich tradition of Scottish music. The site has been designed to be simple to move around whilst remaining visually rich and informative.

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The main sections can be found through buttons on the menu bar above. These appear on every page within the site so that you can always find your way back to a start point. The blue marker ball and text just under the menu bar is a navigational aid which indicates the path that you have come to find a particular page.

aaiYou will also find additional links and shortcuts in the two columns to the left and right side of the main page text, for example the 'Latest Releases' button. These allow you to 'Jump' to popular pages quickly.

aaiThe final type of navigation link we use is a text link like this. We use these to help you move to related information on the website a little easier.

Finding individual products

aaiAccess the Artiste A to Z section through the top menu button for a list of product by artiste or you can search for a product or artiste using the Search menu in the left hand column of each page. You can also access popular products through the 'Latest Releases', 'Recommended' and 'Best Sellers' links on the right of the page.

Online purchases
The online store contains a wide range of products which are available for purchase 24/7 for your convenience. To access this just look for the 'Add To Basket' icon under 'Order Options' on any of our product pages.

Further help

aaiIf you are new to the Internet or our website, you may find the 'Frequently Asked Questions' page helpful. In the unlikely event that you are having a problem with our web pages, please select the 'Help' link for assistance with issues relating to your computer and web browser.


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